God’s Love First works with a broad coalition of diverse people dedicated to criminal justice reform, successful re-entry, public safety, and community healing.

Board of Directors & Staff

Roger T. Johnson

Richard Jennings
Program Supervisor

Teressa Turns
Program Coordinator

Geno Bonds
West TN Reg. Coord.

Michael Coatney
Public Relations Coordinator

Lance Sharp
East TN Reg. Coord.

Jeremy Holder
Mid TN Reg. Coord.


Roger T. Johnson
151890 RMSI/6A-122

Kenneth Parnell
420508 RMSI/6A-218

Chris Doss
309634 RMSI/6B-128

Clay Stuart Gregory
490817 RMSI/6A-114

Lance Sharp
307653 RMSI/5B-104

Ricky F. Brown
134855 MCCX/Unit 9

Lakeevan Barnes
Waynesboro Co. Jail

Bernard Henry
367878 Released

Claude Spencer
482995 Released

Travis Glenn
230016 Released

Geno Bonds
290093 Released

Roger J. Myrick
442890 Released

LaQuinte Beard
326797 Released

Bobby Bain
381817 Released

Dale Draves
616648 Released

Arnold Stevens
330848 RMSI/6A-109

Edward J. Harbison
108926 RMSI/6A-104

Larry Fisher
432147 RMSI/6A-101

Brian Brewington
421617 RMSI/6A-107

Samuel Shaw
455985 WTSP

Michael Coatney
348351 DSNF/4A-103

Paul Michael Key
109313 Released

Chad Knight
384718 Released

Ronald West
511931 Released

Justin Chandler
558456 Released

Tony Blugh
451572 Released

Franklin Fish
118404 Released

Nevin Merkerson
370161 Released

Ronnie Oller
162863 Released

Shannon Mays
345469 RMSI/6A-215

Marcus M. Odom
378496 RMSI/6A-203

Brandon Dorsey
595383 RMSI/6A-120

Randy Roach
383273 RMSI/5C-108

Quinton Mostella
458666 TCIX/1B-205

Sean O’Brian
233838 DSNF/15A-01A

Dominik Hudson
387665 Released

Landers Carruth
352070 Released

David Shepherd
213056 Released

Jeremy Holder
542088 Released

Jimmy Morales
302302 Released

Shaneeka D. Lay
604232 Released

Kenneth E. Offutt, Jr.
540004 Released

Dwight Miller
266927 Released

Sowing great relationships, reaping safer communities.