More Than a Phrase

By Jimmy Morales

There are times in our lives when we all need someone to just listen and hear about the situations in our lives that have had a huge impact on our ways of dealing with our emotions, and the hang-ups that have kept us standing still in all our shame, anger, guilt and pain of the past.

As a member of God’s love First, I have been blessed to experience many changes in my life, and others as well, because God has intervened. As we yielded, he took control of every situation and issue that me and many others could not handle for ourselves. We might struggle at times, but God accepts us just how we are, and all we have to do is believe and accept Him.

Only until we have effectively dealt with the issues of our past, can we successfully live in the present. Our theotherapy class, A Journey to Emotional Freedom, has provided me and many other men a safe place to be able to let go of the many different traumas we have experienced in our lives. In God’s Love First, we want to lead men to the only One who can fix all their problems because no one else is capable of doing it for them.

Our programs have given us the ability to forgive and build trust towards others. We can’t always guarantee that man will love us, but we can guarantee that God’s love is unconditional and never fades away. God’s love truly is first. 

We need to be willing to let go and let God begin the healing we have so longed for, so the broken damage to our hears is healed, and we are no longer living by our own will. The Lord is good and his love endures forever.

Jimmy Morales serves on the God’s Love First board as secretary. He was released from Riverbend in June 2020.

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