More Journeys to Healing

It has allowed me to resolve issues that started as a young teen that I didn’t know I still had in me and given me tools to use to help myself and others around me through living for God and how he wants me to be.

Joseph Tucker, 573451

Graduates of the Theotherapy correspondence course version of A Journey to Emotional Healing, facilitated by God’s Love First, share how the program changed their lives:

“It’s given me a good place to reflect, think and to start to change some of my ideas that were flawed and causing me issues in my life.” —Dale Draves

“It has helped me to see that it’s not about me and the way I see things, it’s the way my God wants me to live and to seek his will and not the will of my own or the world. It has also shown me that instead of holding on to my past failures and sins, I can turn them over to the Lord and seek his forgiveness and move on to live a better life, by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me.” —James Pinchon, Jr., 387463

“It has healed my heart from pain and brought me closer to God. A also learned more about myself.” —Antione Batey, 272288

“It has opened me up to think better and look at the world a different say. It made me want to learn more about everything I need to learn.” —Nevin Merkerson, 370161

“It has made me a better person, more understanding, allowed me to accept my faults as my own and has shown me the true meaning of love and forgiveness, which was intended to be instilled in me by my Creator.” —Quamine Jones, 422514

“It keeps me focused and positive and look at life differently.” —LaDarious Maxwell, 500707

“It has put into words what some of my issues are and helped me identify the areas I need to work on.” —Thanath Sayadet, 241869

“Theotherapy helped me understand the meaning of forgiving people for things that happened in the past. It also helped me understand that most of my problems were caused by me and not other people.” —Autravious Thomas, 533430

“It has opened a door to a better understanding of not only myself, but Christ and the reason I need Him to be saved.” —Thomas Collins, 544412

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