Why God’s Love First Exists

By Roger Johnson, Executive Director

For many years now there has been much discussion about prison reform and the appropriate action to take concerning the matter. In an effort to respect all (the victim and their families, the convicted and their families, as well as the communities we serve), we realize there are no easy answers.

However, I believe we can all agree that something must be done in light of the failure of mass incarceration, truth in sentencing, and tough on crime laws. In spite of these laws being passed, our violent crime rate is still high. Our recidivism rate is still high. People are not any more protected than they were before. But the social and financial costs of these measures have been staggering. This continues year after year after year.

If we want to effect real change within the criminal justice system, then the rehabilitated incarcerated men and women must have a role in the process. Therefore, I am happy and excited to introduce you to a new movement in prisons across Tennessee, called God’s Love First. We are a growing group of changed men and women committed to helping Tennessee build safer communities, by reducing recidivism and crime.

Please work with us!

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