Beating the Statistical Trend

By Roger Johnson, Executive Director

God’s Love First recidivism report covers a span of time that begins on August 22, 2013, and runs to April 30, 2019. Our statistical data is collected and maintained by me, then verified by institutional staff.  

One of God’s Love First’s primary goals is to totally eradicate recidivism in Tennessee.  We are making great progress toward that goal through the striking success of our programs. I am happy to report that over the past six years our program recidivism rate is 0.45 percent. This is by far the best result I have ever heard of in my entire life, even with my 26-years of incarceration experience.  

Over the past six years we have conducted 16 classes: eight Theotherapy Basic classes, four Personal Growth and Ministry Training Classes, two Financial Stability Classes, and two Parole & Transition Classes. Of those classes we have graduated 342 men (283 through our classes at Riverbend and 59 by correspondence course).  In the past six years, we’ve had 46 men released to parole, and of those 46, only one returned to prison, and it due to was parole violation and not committing a new crime.

If our program produced the same result as the prison system at large in Tennessee, 157 individuals would have committed a crime and been sent back to prison.

In the past six years, we’ve had 46 men released to parole, and of those, only one returned to prison.

—Roger Johnson

Our amazing accomplishments are being achieved by rehabilitated inmates with a God given desire to receive and help facilitate God’s Healing for a much better Tennessee. You see, we too hope that our communities are able to flourish in safe, crime free environments where our children can have a real chance at a life more abundant.  Last but not least, strictly for the record, God’s Love First has 19-members.  Of our 19-members 6 has been released, none has returned to prison.  Therefore, among our members we have achieved a 0% recidivism rate!

Help us expand the success of this proven model.

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